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BONE IDLE - Comedy - It’s 1665 and the London Plague season is in full swing, the Black Death's sweeping the capital and everyone's feeling a bit peaky! Only an unscrupulous Plague Doctor and Witch-Hunter,  with “Ash for Cash” deals and a habit of dancing under the influence is raking it in. Awoken from a customer's curse centuries later in a department store, he's soon making up for lost time and taking retail therapy to new heights.

LOVE ON THE FLIPSIDE  - Rom-Com - When a womanising retro Disc Jockey finds the love of his life, he must hide his past before she ruins his future.

SOUL TRADERS- Comedy Thriller - When two teenagers steal a computer game along with money they are owed -- they soon discover that the game is part of a military mind control programme for sale to the highest bidder. Pursued by murderous Japanese gangsters led by their leader Mundi Breeze they head down to the coast and seek help from members of the local RPG group . As the gangsters close in they find themselves in a real fight to the death with no extra lives!

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