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SKIN DEEP - Horror -  When an ancient garment turns up at a fashion show things soon turn ugly when the fashionisti discover that beauty's only skin deep!

TRIPLE HELIX - Sci-Fi Horror - A break in at a secret laboratory unleashes a military designer drug onto the streets. Pretty soon the corpses are stacking up...they're rate of decomposition is abnormally fast and they're missing a vital component from their blood...DNA! When an investigative journalist is killed his brother determines to hunt down the killer. Just one do you kill a genetic vampire?

Sci-Fi Horror Franchise - A top secret government department scours the world to locate the remnants of mythical beasts. Led by  RACHEL VASS part witch, part scientist and all woman, they are tasked with reconstructing the remains of the monsters with genetics and magic to produce the ultimate military weapon. When Rachel unearths the shriveled corpse of a revenge demon, The Ravenor, she has an ulterior motive when she unleashes its power.

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