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As the St Valentines Day flower massacre approaches, a plucky hothouse ROSE is determined to save her family.  Joining forces with the other plants and insects in the greenhouse they manage to combine their talents and succeed against all the odds.            

We received nearly a thousand scripts, and your script “Rose’s War” was one of the best and chosen as a runner up for the Independent Short Film, Music and Art Festival, in its short screenplay competition. It was a difficult decision.
All the scripts we received were read at least once. From there less than half moved on to the second phase and within the second phase only four scripts moved on to the final read. From the four, your script was one of the four! It was a delightful read and something we could see being produced!
The Independent Short Film, Music & Art Festival will take place February 19-21, 2010. The award ceremony will take place on February 21, 2010. The festival itself will take place in Long Beach, California at the Hotel Maya, where we would like to invite you to stay. We would like to arrange a day and time which would be good on your schedule to discuss this further, as well as possible production of your winning script.

7th Annual iP Screenwriting Contest
Animation Screenplay.

in top 50 of Movie Script
Short Contest so far.

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