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Don't let badly written scripts stop you  getting into Hollywood!

Your script  can set you on the road to riches or  end up in  the reject pile because of basic mistakes in presentation, spelling,  grammar and structure.  Are your characters weak and unmemorable,  your plots tired and cliche ridden?  Having been a professional reader reporting on over 250 scripts a year I can tell you where you're going wrong.

       Script doctoring and analysis.

For the majority of writers their first port of call will
be a reader. Your script has to make a fast and professional impression in those first vital seconds. Getting it wrong will result in your script failing to move on up the ladder, and swiftly changing the readers mark from a recommendation to a pass. We can give vital help in pinpointing script structure problems, plot holes and lackluster, on the nose dialogue.

   Dialogue polishing and punching up.

Bad dialogue is the first giveaway in an amateur script.
Huge slabs of expositional dialogue telling the reader
information that should be shown, is the kiss of death
in a script. Show don't tell is a well known cliche that
is sadly true.

Polishing, or punching up dialogue is what makes a good
script great.  When it comes to shooting a scene many
lines may get dropped but a great one that gets a laugh
will be the last to go.

                 Get a great title.

Do you want your script to have a memorable title? Of course you do, we can give you the perfect title to make your project stand out from the crowd. Before I came up with "Staggered" it was called "The Big Nowhere" which is best?   A recent title suggestion was to alter "Yellowstone" to "BLACK ICE" which better reflected an oil conspiracy  in the frozen climes of Alaska.

Think of how great a title "Legally Blonde" is, now try and come up with something as's not easy!

    Tag lines, Synopsis and Log lines.

When you start your script make sure you have the tagline, logline and a great synopsis to go with it. In most cases a producer or development executive will make his decision in a few seconds based on your logline, title, or if you're lucky the synopsis that you really hated writing. Having had to turn out hundreds of loglines and synopsis' for production companies over the years I can produce a professional synopsis or treatment that will make your script irresistible!

About Touchwood: 

Screenwriter and  founder of Touchwood Pictures  Mike Donald has been involved  in the film making process for many years and has been commissioned by well known directors and producers to provide original scripts within very short time frames.

Most recently Mike wrote an entire feature film script for producer Brad Krevoy (Dumb and Dumber) in one week.

LOUISIANA BLOOD recently won best screenplay and best  audience prizes at the 2008 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL  and was a finalist in the HONOLULU and OMAHA film festivals  as well as receiving an honorable mention in the CREATIVE WORLD AWARDS  Screenplay competition.  LOUISIANA BLOOD has  placed or been a winner or finalist in over sixteen competitions to date. See our awards page for the latest updates.

Mike has worked extensively on location, and as a reader and screenwriter providing analysis for film companies over many years. One of his recent scripts "DEADEYE"  is to be directed by BRETT LEONARD (Lawnmower man, Virtuosity) and many more  are in development. Mike has a reputation for fast turnaround and produces exciting and original work sometimes within hours of an original meeting or discussion.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. We will endeavor to reply to emails as soon as possible.

                           Tel:+44(0)1844 217294

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