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ANVIL & SLEDGE  -  Police Series - An uneasy alliance between a technology hating cop and an American computer specialist becomes a race against time to solve a mystery set amongst the ancient standing stones of Cornwall, home to King Arthur’s mythical kingdom.

CRUNCHERS - Comedy Drama - An hour series based on the real life antics of a company of accountants in the 60's - "They live in a world where nothing adds up"

FLIPPED - Sit-Com based in LA. Divorced by his sexually confused wife, Gary is forced to share an office with her while trying to get his life back on track. Things take a dip into the weird side when  his dog Spritz the TV star, starts giving him advice! 

DARK SCIENCE - Sci-Fi series set in a future where science is out of control.

PUSHING JELLY - Sit-Com in development for CH4 starring Shed Simove. "A true Creative Genius" and author of THE IDEAS MAN. 

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