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A brilliant  concept.  It  is  a  great  setup  for  conflict,  tension, action  and  character  exploration.  We  easily  envision  this  as

Tension  is  at  its  best.

The  tone  is  sinister,  chilling,  and  yet  there  is  a  spark  of wit  and  sarcasm  that  blends  well.  The  pilot  is  unpredictable and  captures  the  audience’s  interest  immediately.  The structure is divided into a teaser and five act.

When we meet our protagonist, Sam, we are delightfully surprised to learn he is a Priest. The protagonist is likeable , strong, witty, charming, driven, and we root for him.  His  external  goal  is  clear:  find  his  daughter. 
The  idea of  his  daughter  missing  gives  this  series  a  powerful  personal touch.  His  internal  conflict  and  struggle  is  highlighted. The clever teaming up with a demon is incredibly engaging.

Where have you come from?”  “Hell.” There are smart setups and payoffs in both action and dialogue.

In  summary,  this  is  a  well-crafted  TV  pilot  that  comes  highly recommended.

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