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 “Time’s running out for justice”   

 In the middle of a high profile murder case, assistant D.A CAROL LANGLEY meets the charming CRAIG REARDON at a party. Next morning she wakes up naked, handcuffed to her bed, alone with a Time Bomb.  When the Bomb Squad Officer turns up… it’s Reardon! And he has a proposition – either she tells him where her star witness is or…KABOOM!

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THE TICKING JURY explodes right into a gripping action adventure.
 THE TICKING JURY will make for a blazing hot action film. It contains all the exciting elements and characteristics that make an action adventure feature kick-ass.  We are immediately hooked with the very intense and smart opening moments as we see our heroine Carol handcuffed to a bed with the time bomb ticking down. 

The countdown begins.  The call to action is survival, justice, and revenge. The story is action oriented and can be considered a buddy picture, teaming the protagonist Carol up with bad boy Reardon.  The plot is clever and sharp.  The scheme of a feisty DA unwittingly teaming up with what appears to be a bad guy to track down a star witness is an alluring setup.  Both the central characters and the audience do not know who this star witness might be. This adds a layer of mystery to the story.

The story offers engaging characters, well executed tension, skillfully crafted action sequences, sexual tension between the major characters, witty dialogue, and a nice twist.  The opening uses a fast paced technique in which we go back and forth between the present and the past that leads the audience back to the heroine being handcuffed to her bed as the events unfold into a stunning first act.  The tension is extremely well orchestrated as we watch Carol attempt to escape both her handcuffs and later Reardon. 

Not only is there physical tension but the sexual tension and chemistry between Carol and Reardon is exceptionally obvious and we love it.  The refreshing witty banter between the Carol and Reardon draws us to their relationship. We especially love the dialogue of Carol spinning a tale of evil as she tells the farmers she killed her husband. It is amusing and plays to Carol’s energetic spirit.  

The character of Carol is one of the major highlights of this story. She is well portrayed as the extremely intelligent and resourceful assistant DA who is fearless and an awesome fighter. She is definitely a survivor. She also has a personal stake in prosecuting the mobster. Her character desire is justice and revenge which plays to the heart of the theme. 

There are well executed twists and turns. Using Spiro as the red-herring is smart. This leads to Vincent’s confrontation with his own son Michael which is riveting to watch with a great payoff when Vincent uses his “paralyzed” arm to reveal a hidden gun.  However, the most exciting of all the chases and battles has to be Carol’s nail biting all out tool laden combat. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Overall this is a dazzling adventure. 

This is a top-notch film. It offers both action and romance. This is a thrill ride not to be missed. 

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