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LOUISIANA  BLOOD When five victims of serial killer JACK THE RIPPER, turn up in a swamp more than a century after their deaths and thousands of miles from the crime scene, an English detective and a Louisiana sheriff form an unlikely duo to unravel the ultimate conspiracy, and reveal the Rippers true identity.” 

Louisiana Blood is an epic thriller that follows the trail of histories most mysterious serial killer from the Victorian London of 1888, to the oil fields of present day Louisiana, combining nail biting suspense with explosive action and conspiracies galore.  

SKIN JOB - Erotic Thriller - A motorcycle cop, injured during the theft of a priceless religious artifact, is forced undercover to track down the gang responsible. As the members are ritually slaughtered he’s soon racing against time to unlock the code of the tattoo they all wear before he becomes the next victim.

SOUL TRADERS- Comedy Thriller - When two teenagers steal a computer game along with money they are owed -- they soon discover that the game is part of a military mind control programme for sale to the highest bidder. Pursued by murderous Japanese gangsters led by their leader Mundi Breeze they head down to the coast and seek help from members of the local RPG group . As the gangsters close in they find themselves in a real fight to the death with no extra lives!

SHADOW TRADE - Action Thriller - A  computer technician discovers a mysterious room filled with equipment at an International Brokers, and soon finds himself being hunted by the C.IA.  When he discovers that a similar site was blown up after the Gulf War in the Arabian desert he begins to suspect that the conspiracy reaches deep into the financial community.  On the run for his life, and with trillions of dollars at stake he has no choice but to take the fight to them, and in doing so finds he has been branded as a terrorist. With government  hit men and C.IA agents on his tail he soon realises  that in the shadowy world of global financial markets, money is the ultimate weapon.

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